Monday, September 23, 2013

James and the Giant Peach

I am OVERLY excited, some may even call it giddy about the week of James and the Giant peach.  We have been reading the book for a while, but this week is JAMES WEEK. 
Monday - Read to chapter 33 and make connections in the book.  This was fun because they were able to hear me make funny and serious connections to the book.  We were even able to make connections with The Wizard of Oz - they LOVED that.  In every station of their "Daily 6" they had a different activity than normal.  So far it is going well!  I was able to send the "FOLLOW THAT PEACH" paper home today.  As I said, we are so excited to dedicate our week to James and can not wait to show the other nice things we will be doing in class.
Our Plot Diagrams for James and the Giant Peach
Final Product for one group!
What our hallway looks like right now!