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I have someone that I secretly admire...




Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

Does anyone else feel like they are in awe of her work?  I know I am.  I enter EVERY contest she has on her Facebook page.  She makes just the best products!!  Here are some that are in my wishlist of hers.  You should check them out!


I was am going to review her Vocabulary Builder Toolbox!

This pack includes SEVEN different sets of centers, anchor charts, activities, interactive notebook resources, and Scoot!

Skills covered in the pack include:
Prefixes and Suffixes
Root/Base Words
Context Clues
Compound Words

There are a variety of activities included in this pack, and each activity has a colorful version as well as a more ink friendly version for added convenience!  I love that she included the less color activities as well so my printer did not eat all of my ink.  Here are some pictures of some activities we did!

 Build-a-Word With Prefixes and Suffixes:
I printed out the cards and gave them to the kids.  I told them that they need to sort the cards into the sections that had the word could work with.  When they were done, I asked them if any of those words could be used in a different way.  Then, I could see the light bulb come on.  You should have heard the conversations they were having.  "I have heard of someone who is "disabled."  Does that work with the prefix AND suffix?  That is kinda like "unable."   The cards were constantly being moved while they were discussing.

Root Word Dig and Scoot:

 The kids loved doing this one because they were able to look at the posters again if they needed them.  I think the reason they liked them the most is because they felt successful.  They were able to tell you the root word or the suffix.  This was a good review for them!

Digging in with Context Clues:
OH MY GOSH!! This is beyond cute how she set this up!  It was funny to see the kids who read the directions verse the kids who just winged it.  I kept hearing...."Mrs.Elder, did you make put random words in here...You should relook at this."  Haha well, the words are SUPPOSED to be wrong!  You are trying to match the right word!  Haha  I loved it!  After they were done with the first one, all I could hear was, "Ok guys, lets get started trying to find the "real word."  It was great to teach context clues and to look around the word.

 This is just a preview/review of this great product.  If you would like to see more of what she has for you, download this free preview that she let me give to you!  Make sure you tell her thank you ALL of her hard work!  She had really solidified many vocabulary skills my students needed!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Division - Mrs.Elder's Way

I taught division earlier in the year but after speaking to the 4th grade teachers, they said that they wished the students were better with division.  I am in the process of making them a game but for now we work on the board a little bit a day.  This was our division problem from the other day.  I feel like if they know the different ways to solve the problem, they will be more successful.  I have to say they love doing this because I let them be the "teacher."  They call on students and they have to ask: What are the ways you can say this division problem?  It drives me crazy when they say it backwards. :) After we get through saying it correctly, we move onto the ways to solve it.  Here are our ways:
1. Write the multiples for the divisor? (multiples)
2. Draw the number of circles of the divisor and count it out the number of the dividend.  If you stop on the last one, it goes in equally.  (groups of)
3. Draw the number of dots that is in the dividend.  Then, you count the divisor until they are all circles.  (Dots)
4. Multiply the divisor by a number you think could get you a product close to the dividend.  (The guess and check)
5. If the divisor is 9, you can do the nines hand trick. (Hand trick)

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There are two covers available.

Sometimes they just want to make their own answer key...and I am ok with that! I have provided an answer key as well in the download!

 How I set up this game is different than others.  I gave every student a card.  Once they were done with the card, they would go return it to my desk. 

They then would go find the answer card and write down the answer letter.  This was a good way to keep them moving and engaged.

When they were done with all 18 cards, they were able to go and check themselves.  It was very effective on holding the students accountable for their own work and grades.

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Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 Giveaway!

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 Have you ever read James and the Giant Peach?  If you haven't it is a must read for ANY HUMAN!  If you have, you know how GREAT it is!  I read this book with my class this year and made activities for them as we went through it!  We have had so much fun with it.  I still hear my students tell me, "OOH I can make a connection between James and ....."  that makes my teaching heart happy.  I know that my sweet students have loved this book.  If you would like to check it out, go to my TPT page at: James and the Giant Peach Novel Study

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Giveaway to Celebrate May Free For All

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 I am so excited to say that I am having a giveaway in celebration of our May Free For All!  If you have not checked out The Primary Gal on Facebook, I would highly recommend it! Good luck!

 I am giving a preview to my "That's a Fact Jack" Multiplication Game.  I would love for you to download the sample on my Facebook page.  If you love it as much as a I do, you can buy it on sale for only $2.00.  BUY IT HERE!

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