Thursday, May 22, 2014

Division - Mrs.Elder's Way

I taught division earlier in the year but after speaking to the 4th grade teachers, they said that they wished the students were better with division.  I am in the process of making them a game but for now we work on the board a little bit a day.  This was our division problem from the other day.  I feel like if they know the different ways to solve the problem, they will be more successful.  I have to say they love doing this because I let them be the "teacher."  They call on students and they have to ask: What are the ways you can say this division problem?  It drives me crazy when they say it backwards. :) After we get through saying it correctly, we move onto the ways to solve it.  Here are our ways:
1. Write the multiples for the divisor? (multiples)
2. Draw the number of circles of the divisor and count it out the number of the dividend.  If you stop on the last one, it goes in equally.  (groups of)
3. Draw the number of dots that is in the dividend.  Then, you count the divisor until they are all circles.  (Dots)
4. Multiply the divisor by a number you think could get you a product close to the dividend.  (The guess and check)
5. If the divisor is 9, you can do the nines hand trick. (Hand trick)