Monday, March 10, 2014

You know you are a teacher when....

My husband and I took our little boy to the zoo today.  We had a great time and loved to see how excited he was.  Of course if you know me, you know I had to make it a teaching moment.  I went to Kroger and bought an animal package of cute little figures for him to play with.  I also brought his animal book with him.  As we walked through the zoo, I would pull out the animal toy and the book and point it out.  I was so happy to see how well he picked up the words and signs for each one.

They may think I am a weirdo but that little kid says otherwise!
We were able to go at feeding time to see Luke's favorite animal.  He growled and roared at the lions.  He begged us to stay. 
Our family picture! I love my boys.

Sleepy boy.  He had such a fun time that he was just pooped!
After his LONG 3 hour nap, he ran and played with all of the animals that he saw today.  Yes there were animals fighting. Pow Pow Pow.

God bless,