Saturday, May 9, 2015

Multiplication Bingo - Duck Dynasty

I don't know if you are obsessed with Duck Dynasty like my students are.  I am constantly making new games for my students to play when they are at math stations and they have been begging me to make them another Duck Dynasty game.  So here it is for you too! I have had it on my desk all week so they could see it and I used it as a reward for the end of the week.  Friday morning, they came in running asking if it was time for their new game.  (I don't know if you are nerdy like me or not but that made my day seeing them excited about doing multiplication!)   Here are a few pictures of use playing.

I used my overhead projector to show the multiplication fact.
Here is a picture of the students working in partners to solve each problem.

An up close picture of the game mid-way through.
Thanks for reading and I hope you and your class enjoy it as much as we did!