Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dare to Dream

I love the idea of "Dare to Dream!"  I am constantly writing to do list and trying to check things off.   So coming up with a dream of what I want in the future, I really had to think about it!  As you can see, I have picked making new games for my classroom.  I love seeing my students faces each year when I tell them I made them a game JUST FOR THEM!  They seem to be more engaged and excited about playing it.  I want to continue doing that for them.  I honestly love teaching and I enjoy making things for my classroom.  I hope I do not ever lose that dream!
Next, I put be able to buy a fun new toy for kids when I have a good month.  I have a set number I have put to the side each month to go to a certain bill.  When I make more than that number, I would love to take my little Luke to the store and let him pick something he wants, just because!  I love to spoil him, and don't get me wrong...He is VERY spoiled! More than most!