Monday, December 16, 2013

Probability Interactive Notebook Kinda Day

I stinkin' love my job!  I love my district and I love my students and school.  Overall I have no complaints!  Today I had such a good day with the students.  They were excited about learning wanted to keep working even though it was time to go to PE. 

I started my "hard core" lessons on probability this week.

 Before they got into the room, I made 6 different kinds of bags, buckets, or boxes.  Glitter, camouflage, Dr. Seuss, or a sand pail to be exact.  Choices really do make kids feel like they have more control in their learning.  Each one had the exact same amount of blocks in it.  I then had the kids choose their bag that they would want to work with.  They had to tell me what the fraction would be for pulling out each color, the chances of which one getting the most drawn, and the least drawn.  They had a blast.  Here is our notebook and the kids doing the activities. (Not my notes are not perfect but this is how I taught it.)