Sunday, December 8, 2013

What we having been doing in 3rd Grade!

Gingerbread Exchange!
I feel so blessed to have been included in the Gingerbread Exchange with 30 different teachers around the country.  First, we talked about important facts about Texas.  We wrote a letter together that I wrote telling facts about Texas.  Then, the kids colored their gingerbread men/women with the Texas flag and different things that represent Texas.  On their own, they wrote a page to the class describing the city and neighborhood around them.  Finally, we sent our gingerbread men to each teacher on our list. 
We just started getting other teachers gingerbread men back Tuesday!  They are so excited!

A coworker traced the WHOLE United States so that we could cut out regions to learn about each one. 
While the kids read their letters from other states, they are taking notes on a sticky note to give facts about the state they are learning about.  We then went into the hallway and posted their sticky notes on the map.  They learned where the state was.  What I love about this so much is that other classes could come by and learn about the states in a different way other than a text book.  My students became masters of their least on what they were told about it!

I got all of our gingerbread men laminated and hung up in the hallway.  I also stapled their envelopes to the wall.  I love Christmas time!!