Friday, December 27, 2013

That's a Fact Jack! - Multiplication Cards 2-12 Givaway!

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I don't know if you are a Duck Dynasty or not but man, I just love the show.  Even if I have seen the episode before, I have no problem watching it again!  Anyways, my newest game is comparable to SPOONS.  That was always a game I played when we had all of the family over for holidays.  The directions are in the product that you can purchase pretty much how it works is, all the students sit in a huge circle.  There is a card dealer who passes out 4 cards per person.  Each person must keep the cards in their hands until they have a match.  Once the card dealer starts, he will pass the cards one by one to the next player.  The cards will be going around the circle. The objective of the game is to find your match.  For example: I have in my hand 11 x 11.  I going to keep the 121 card when it comes to me.  This helps kids learn their facts quickly and in a fun way.  Personally, I will use this game on the end of the 2nd day of multiplication facts.  In this deck, there are cards from 2 x 1 all the way to 12 x 12. 
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